Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It’s election day here in San Diego. No doubt everyone has the state of the economy in mind while filling in those bubbles. I definitely do. I have been trying everything possible to cut costs in my household and I imagine many of you are doing the same. So, perhaps you have refrained from spending money on improving your house but you’ve noticed your hardwood floor looking as sad as the jobs report. Or maybe you just got a great deal on a San Diego home with hardwood floors, but they look battered and bruised. Don’t despair! A sand and finish may be just the answer.

First of all, it isn’t just a solid hardwood floor that can be sanded and refinished. Engineered floors are a popular choice with current homeowners because of their stability and quick installation. A quality engineered wood floor can be sanded once or twice, depending on the wear layer.

Second, if you have an older floor or you pulled up carpet to find hardwood flooring underneath, then you should consult a professional (such as your San Diego sand and finish expert, CW Woodworks Flooring) to confirm that the floor can be sanded.

So, you ask, what does this process entail? A sanding removes a layer of wood from your floor. This removes the existing finish and hopefully light scratches and other injuries to your floor. Then, a coat of finish is applied. If you decide you want to change the color of your floor, then a stain would be applied prior to the first coat of finish. After the first coat is dry, then another coat is applied, followed by a third when the second is dry. The result, a rejuvenated floor!

What about the cost? A sand and finish costs about 1/3 of that of a new hardwood floor.

For even greater savings, if your floor is not in bad shape, or if you have a distressed floor, and you just want to improve the look a bit, then you can opt for a screen and recoat. This process takes less time as it involves merely abrading the surface to in order to add a topcoat of finish.

Keep in mind that a sand and finish or screen and recoat will not fix deep gouges. There is also no guarantee that stains can be removed. Also, the process does take some time and the floor cannot be walked on while the finish is drying. Some people find the finish to be noxious and we recommend that people with sensitivities not stay in the home during the process. And no matter what anyone promises or does, there will be dust! There is no way to contain all of it. You may want to protect precious items and some cleaning may be required upon completion of the job. I don’t mean to scare you away, just want to inform you of what to expect. Besides, if I wanted to scare you, I would say “the economy.”

If you decide you would like to have your floor sanded and finished, please call CW Woodworks and we would be happy to provide you with a consultation.

Now, go vote!

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